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I am a mother, a finance executive, a wife, a therapist, a teacher, a blogger, a very decent chef, a volunteer and so much more! Life is busy and I'm loving it!

New Brunswick, Canada

2011-02-28 23:17:58

Always happy to meet colleagues from our hotels

GRC is always happy to welcome visitors from our Hotels. Last week we hosted General Managers, Hotel Managers and Directors of Operations.

Members of our Planet21 committee visited the Westmorland Waste Management site yesterday, continuing to learn about our 3-way waste separation system....

Never stop learning!

If you’re in the mood for an unforgettable epicurean odyssey, check out Canada’s best 7 under-the-radar foodie destinations.

Developing These 5 Habits Will Make You a Once-in-a-Career Leader to Employees

Mindfulness is an excellent technique to reduce stress, it allows you to stop feeling out of control, to stop jumping from one thought to the next, and to stop ruminating on negative thoughts.

 #WeAreAllAble thank you  @Brent Daborn for sharing this inspiring video

To succeed over the long-term, culture needs to be the driving force behind all aspects of management.

La qualité de vie au travail est un enjeu majeur pour la fonction RH. Comment garantir l’épanouissement professionnel à ses salariés ? Tour d’horizon des nouvelles tendances en dix illustrations.

Emotional intelligence is a powerful way to focus your energy in one direction with tremendous results.

Here's a great review released by Skift which showcases how Accor's vision of  #AugmentedHospitality is becoming reality !  #innovation  #Accor

Bursting with pride. Congratulations to my daughter for all that she does.

If you aren’t doing the following things on a regular basis, you should be, for these are the habits that mentally strong people rely on.

La tentation de regarder est toujours là, et trop forte ! Pour apaiser l’esprit, n’hésitez pas à alterner la cuisine du soir avec une activité artisanale, qui vous videra la tête...

In Dumas’s own estimation, his masterwork was to be a massive undertaking on culinary history, one he called Le Grand Dictionnaire de cuisine. Sadly, he never saw it published.

Interesting interview with  @Steven Taylor, chief marketing officer at Accor:

Le métier d’hôtelier ne cesse d’évoluer et les tendances du e-commerce se transposent désormais au marché de l’Hospitalité.

Accor has made a bold commitment to employ 50 per cent female general managers across its hotels.

Daily mindfulness training, like meditation, can improve productivity, job satisfaction, work-life balance, and reduce stress.

Comment bâtir une culture d’entreprise où les employés se célèbrent vraiment les uns les autres ?

No matter how rational an argument you make for the need for change, people will not buy in until you engage them on an emotional level.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts publishes Luxury Insights Report - exploring the foundations of the relationship between its addresses and its guests.

Afin de répondre aux attentes de mobilité des cadres nomades, de nouveaux lieux tels que WOJO se créent dans et à proximité des gares. Curieuse de voir ce concept se développer dans d'autres villes.

Tesla’s solar roof tiles are designed to look just like normal roof tiles when installed on a house, while doubling as solar panels to generate power. Makes me wonder how they would do in this snowy part of the world!

Accor supports one-of-a-kind concept at the famous Mantis Founders Lodge to showcase the future of eco-travel to investors and guests.

My favorite season is here! The arrival of autumn bring crisp air and transforms parks, hillsides, mountains and cities around the world into a palette of red, gold and amber. I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures!

The reason you remember this leader is because of how she or he made you feel. Now it's your turn to lead, if you can honestly answer yes to this simple question, you are on your way to become a much better leader?

The old adage remains: " people leave managers, not jobs." Here's how to identify toxic behaviours that may lead employees to leave.

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