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Stocks Markets. Using Bayesian stats to curb my biases. Oceans. Have become proudly unpatriotic but fond several countries. Will block chip-on-shoulder mamparas

Johannesburg, South Africa

2013-04-18 14:32:23

South Africa virus nums stuck on Friday night's reading of 1187?? am I missing something? wrong site I'm looking?

Ibn, You are very incorrect there. one of the strengths of science is that it always tries to question itself. Does Islam encourage open thought such did Mohammed have Neanderthal genetic material from which he evolved? You would be a heretic.

 @OceanWalz  @AhlulSunnah  @Liberty🗽  @Tannie  @Free From Religion  @Ex-Muslims of North America Yet you believe whatever a scientists tells you.

are we wasting time with your ad hominem response to statements of opposing views? Yes, the great Muhammad had a tiny evolutionary tail and gill slits when he was a fetus. This was due to his evolutionary code. Read up or are you going to keep denying facts?

 @Liberty🗽  @Ibn Daoud✍🏽  @OceanWalz  @Tannie  @Free From Religion  @Ex-Muslims of North America So it is irrational to believe human beings originated from man and an women but more believable and rational to believe human beings orginate from apes

Neuropsychology studies show minor differences, generally, their aesthetic taste differ, language learning is superior, spatial ability poorer, IQ dispersion narrower(your son has higher probability of being either brighter or more stupid than you daughter)

 @Ibn Daoud✍🏽  @Free From Religion  @AhlulSunnah  @Tannie  @Liberty🗽  @Ex-Muslims of North America please educate me, if this viewpoint on women is just your view or the Koran's or both? exactly what are the shortcomings except the obvious chromosome/anatomical/hormone level differences?

can the ladies please out me here. Not sure if this Muslim scholar speaks for himself or just giving the Koran view? I really don't know. Shortcomings of women in both mind and religion???

 @Free From Religion  @AhlulSunnah  @Tannie  @Liberty🗽  @OceanWalz  @Ex-Muslims of North America As for the second point, it is clear that the women has shortcomings in both mind and religion.

many ideas can be rational at the same time. Man born from woman, human' from humanlike 'Apes'. Those Neanderthals from/with other primates, they from sea creatures etc, Did you know all human fetus ((including 'your' Mohammad or 'my' Jesus), all have had gill slits and tail.

Lockup? the idea behind isolation is distancing, it works! So anything that distances a virus-source from a non-virus person, be it staying at home, cycling or walking by yourself, or with someone you would 'share' your 'lockup' is all the same.

I loved this tweet even before I realized that  @Liza Donnelly did the art (thanks Liza - and good morning!)

💙Be safe. 💙Be smart. 💙Be kind. We may be socially distancing ourselves, but we can still be there for each other. As a global community, we will overcome #coronavirus, together. 🎨: @lizadonnelly

💙Be safe. 💙Be smart. 💙Be kind. We may be socially distancing ourselves, but we can still be there for each other. As a global community, we will overcome  #coronavirus, together. 🎨:  @Liza Donnelly

converting rent into investments is doomed for failure - the property companies are not in the clothing business and most likely retailers would not be their preferred investment choice - it would be against diversification of revenue origins

 @Dave Hazelwood I thought EDCON has already shown the way by converting rent into investments🤪

I'm apparently not allowed to go for a jog or walk, yet I may go to the shops. So I will, tomorrow take the dog for a jog to the shops, its food for Fido - I have an excuse, Fido not, he will be much better behaved at home after they arrest him!

- Banning delivery of online/telephone orders (no health consequence and merely causes economic harm) - Sowing confusion on exercise (exercise is a health need and psychological need that has heightened). Who cares if you take a dog with you? (other countries have not done these)

no comment needed

“Science... it works, bitches.”

- Richard Dawkins

“Science... it works, bitches.” - Richard Dawkins

ALi, are you really a scientist? Your body temp, irrelevant where you live or what your race may be, is about 37C and does not kill the virus. a hot drink might push mouth throat up by 2C max.

Sorry to ask such a silly question, but I have to fight some misinformation? How long need covid-19 to move from nose or throat to the lungs? Because it has been spreading that drinking water/ warm water regularly can protect the lungs from the virus!  #coronavirus  #AcademicTwi

Today is #SpacePegasusDay! 

According to Islam the first man in space was Muhammad.


Today is  #SpacePegasusDay! According to Islam the first man in space was Muhammad.  #Miraj

Jimmy, Jimmy , firstly that sensational 70% is overstated, I doubt even max 40% (China tested pos - NOT EVEN 1/100 of 1% of the population, and they are already slowly returning to normal life). Secondly, that 20% of pos cases are not all going to get ill at the same time.

If 70% of South Africans are going to get  #Covid_19, it means that about 40 million people will have it. 80% of  #CoronaVirus cases are mild. This means the 20% will need medical care. That's 8 million people. Do we have enough hospital beds for 8 million people?  #Covid19InSA

the death rate in Iran currently is 1046 o 18407 virus cases (0.02% of pop) that is very, very far from 3.5M. Iran would need 75% of the country to fall very ill to reach that using current stats. So this sounds like liberal emotional blackmail nonsense to me.

While Iranians are told on state TV that the death toll from coronavirus could be 3.5 million—IN IRAN!, the US announced that it would be expanding sanctions on Iran. This is collective punishment. It is evil. It is inhumane. It is warfare. IT IS MURDER! https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2020/03/19/while-coronavirus-ravages-iran-us-sanctions-squeeze-it/

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