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High fashion Model/Detective/Tupperware lady fron Tijuana


Hollywood, CA

2009-04-27 21:39:07

As it goes, the New Jear estarts and Cholas start to cancel! REMINDER!! It’s DOUBLE HOSTESS CREDIT this month. I have a few spots open this weekend and next weekend and a few weekdays!! Also, you can also host a... https://www.facebook.com/596569443/posts/10157959605489444/

TONIGHT!! We are back at $3.99 Pizza Co. 3 in Covina for BINGO!! Please help me pack the house and bring all jur Cholas!! — at $3.99 Pizza Co. 3 https://www.facebook.com/596569443/posts/10157954663954444/

Can anyjuan make me a dress in juan day for the AJ AND THE QUEEN Premier?!? Can ju help a chola out?

In juan week Bingo is back in Covina!! Are ju coming? https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157935376669444&id=596569443

It’s Double hostess credit dis month when ju host a Tupperware fiesta! This coming Fri & Sat available. Comment or send me a message!

It time to book jur Tupperware fiesta for the New Jeer!! January is DOUBLE hostess credit! Comment or send me a private message if ju want a lot of free Tupperware!!

Looking for recommendations for a Birthday cake artist for Dunquito’s party!!!

Last call!! Any small business owners specifically Pampered Chef, Nail/Jamboree reps? that want to host a booth in North Hills at my sons preschool holiday festival tomorrow from 10 to 2!! Let me know and I’ll send you the details. This would be in North Hills

Hola, have a few more spots open for vendors at my sons preschool holiday event this Saturday Dec 14 from 10-2. I am specifically looking for pampered chef, health and wellness (massage or related field) or any small... https://www.facebook.com/596569443/posts/10157860576134444/

Jes!! Jes! And Jes!!!! Danny Casillas https://remezcla.com/film/in-the-heights-trailer-premiere/

Hey small business owners!! I'm still looking for a few more vendors for a Holiday Event at my Son preschool from 10-2 on Saturday Dec 14th in North Hills. let me know if ju are interested and I will send ju info!!

TONIGHT!!! Are ju coming? Please tell jur Amigos!! https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157834069069444&id=596569443

Are ju coming to my Bingo tomorrow Night Dec 3 at The Bowery Craft Beer & Pizza in Fullerton ? Frieda Laye will be joining me as my guest Ball caller!! Click on the link for all the details — at The Bowery Craft Beer & Pizza https://www.facebook.com/596569443/posts/10157831672199444/

Happy Cyber Monday!! check out some awesome Tupperware deals at http://kaysedia.my.tupperware.com

BINGO IS BACK!! Yoin me at The Bowery Craft Beer & Pizza in Fullerton on Tuesday Dec 3rd for a night of Bitchy Bingo! Frieda Laye will be my guest ball caller! Enter the UGLY X-MAS SWEATER contest for a shance to win Tupperware! Please espread the word!! https://www.facebook.com/kaysedia1/posts/10157802834769444

Hey small business owners! I am putting together a Christmas Holiday Festival on Saturday Dec 14th from 10-2 at my Son's school in North Hills. if you are interested in selling your goods and services at this event,... https://www.facebook.com/kaysedia1/posts/10157779561809444

A big GRACIAS to all who came out last night to play Bingo wif me in Covina!! I had so mash good tines! My Christmas/Holiday Bingo with be back in Fullerton at The Bowery Craft Beer & Pizza on Tuesday December 3 so... https://www.facebook.com/596569443/posts/10157756493069444/

Kay Sedia's BINGO Tupperware Pizza Night (COVINA) is TONIGHT Nov 5th!! Yoin me at the $3.99 Pizza Co. 3 in Covina at 6:30pm (arrive early) And tell all jur Amigos!  #Bingo  #TupperwareBingo  #KaySedia  #DragBingo... https://www.facebook.com/596569443/posts/10157752821994444/

Seriously!?!? With the last-minute cancellations! This Sunday is available for Tupperware fiesta who wants it?

Hola! I'm charge of the Fundraising committee for my son's school!! I'm hoping for donated raffle prizes. can ju help a chola out?

BINGO IS BACK at the $3.99 Pizza Co. 3 in Covina for November!! Please add jur Amigos and Amigas to the event page and help espread the word! https://www.facebook.com/kaysedia1/posts/10157680764209444

Hola Amigos! Bingo is Coming to the $3.99 Pizza Co. 3 in Covina on November 5th!! Be on the lookout for details!! — at $3.99 Pizza Co. 3 https://www.facebook.com/596569443/posts/10157675288179444/

AYE!! It's been that kind of week!! I've had 3 cancellations!! Anyjuan Want to host a last minute Tupperware Fiesta this weekend?

🎶Oh what a night🎶 Seriously what a night it was! I woke up with gratitude this morning. I hosted Best In Drag Show, Aid For AIDS last night and it was such an amazing event. We raised over $350,000 for our brothers... https://www.facebook.com/596569443/posts/10157667324619444/

OMG! Can ju Beleeb I’m in charge of fundraising at Dunquitos school. Any recommendations for school fundraisers?

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