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My son is my world & he's all that matters. 24 year old mom💙


Belgium, Wisconsin

2011-05-07 16:01:41

Of course I find a show I like on Netflix and there’s only one season ugh

I hate them days at school for kids. Just dropped $30 on a packer jersey for Asher cause it’s Packer Day at school tmrw

When Morgan said "pretty boy" I felt that.

When Morgan said "pretty boy" I felt that.

Picking up hours as much as I can. I just need the money, doing this alone definitely isn’t easy but it’s all for Asher in the end and that’s literally the only reason I push myself to work more even when I don’t want too.

Tomorrow’s my one year work anniversary with Kwik Trip

Ughh why did I pick up two shifts this weeeeek?! Now I’m regretting it as I have little to no energy. But at least it’s a short shift

Watching Cursed on Netflix and the actor that plays Merlin is Floki from Vikings and that’s all I seee

Picked up a shift tomorrow & Saturday. Trying to work as much as possible! Christmas is right around the corner and this child of mine deserves the world

When you get the mail and get a letter from Don & Lavonne Zietlow thanking you for your hard work & gifts you a $20 gift card then tells us when we can expect to receive our year end bonuses!!! Another reason I love working at Kwik Trip.

Asher was so excited to do homework that doesn’t need to be turned in til Thursday but he finished it all within 20 minutes.

logan lerman as poseidon in the percy jackson tv series PLEASE!!!

logan lerman as poseidon in the percy jackson tv series PLEASE!!!

Listening to Beyonce puts anyone in a good mood

Blasting music and cleaning has never been so peaceful

When you see people paid $150 to see For King & Country at State Fair but you’re 6 blocks away and can hear every single word & song

Was questioning where this loud music was coming from by my dads house then I remembered  @4kingandcountry are playing at State Fair.

I'm ready for "The Princess Diaries 3" so I can watch these 2 get married and rule Genovia in peace & harmony

I'm ready for "The Princess Diaries 3" so I can watch these 2 get married and rule Genovia in peace & harmony

Asher’s going to be gone most of the day and I don’t know what to do. Maybe nap? Maybe binge watch a Netflix series? Get some fast food I don’t have to share?lol

Asher has a zit by his eyelid so it’s all red so we cleaned his face

I’ve removed you from my life & you’re still talking my name ? Heal

Lmfao waiting in the parking lot to pick up Asher and this one lady stopped right in front of the school for parent pick up line instead of at the beginning on the school so every parent that drives past her stops and stares like what the fuck

Dropping Asher off at school gets harder everyday like I gotta hold back the tears that he’s a big boy now.

I expect way too much from people. Like it’s the little shit and you can’t even do that.

To be negative or positive is a choice,I could get in my feelings and be fucked up with everyone I encounter,or I can laugh about that shit and  #CarryOn

YESSSS @andygrammer did a duet to “SAVED ME” on TikTok! Killed it

YESSSS  @Andy Grammer did a duet to “SAVED ME” on TikTok! Killed it

Working two part time jobs now

Asher has swim lessons tonight! He went to two lessons before Covid cancelled it so hopefully it goes well

Gave in and went to turn my heat on and it goes “return to cool” no no no it’s a frozen tundra in my apartment I want warmth.

The way that we see ourselves is not the way that others see us  #CarryOn

lol this months electric bill: $27.92

Seriously if I knew it was going to take the landlords technicians over two months to come fix my blinds, and everything else I woulda kept my fuckin bed in the living room cause it’s too damn bright with 2 windows with no blinds & a bitch needs pitch black to sleep.

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