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Los Angeles, CA

2011-02-09 03:35:08

Never seen the distorting effects of VC more concretely, physically, viscerally laid out than at LAX-it. Hundreds of passengers passing literally dozens of waiting taxi drivers to get that VC subsidy. Is there any scenario where this goes well for BOTH drivers and riders?

I don’t have force press (iPhone SE 4evaaaaaaa) but the space bar trick is so cool! Thanks!

 @Sasha Laundy Also long press on space bar, or force press anywhere on the keyboard to move the cursor around is another cool iOS keyboard feature if you didn’t know about it already!

maybe teaching sand to do math was a mistake

Omg I just learned about the new swipe keyboard (enabled by default) which was contributing to the problem and it’s actually really really cool!!!

It’s not just me!!

because you’re used to villains being queercoded

why does everyone look like a new Batman villain

why does everyone look like a new Batman villain

It’s not just me!!

Hey, is it just me, or has iOS autocorrect abandoned reason and descended into complete chaos for anyone else?

“I’m not that into Twitter, but your tweets are just the best” Thanks mom 😂🤗❤️

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