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2011-11-07 04:05:17

Is nine inch nails named after the crucifixion ??

God isn’t real.. but you are ..

Can I stop touring for the first time in 8 years and you guys just send me money directly? I just wanna clean houses.. need a maid?

@SHARON_NEEDLES  Why don’t you go back to Party Fair where you belong! Wait... what?

 @Sharon Needles Why don’t you go back to Party Fair where you belong! Wait... what?

Wendy Williams, for someone who is constantly misgendered, I’d choose my words with care... now get your ass done to apologize to your tits.

They can go back to Party City 😉🏳️‍🌈

Omg I AM LIVING for all the conservatives losing their damn minds over  @Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Drag Race 😂

Love yourself as best you can... I get it, it’s hard. Crying is simply your eyes vomiting. Happy Valentine’s Day .

Hi! I’m Sharon Needles! And I’m hosting Valentine’s Day, alern! Packing my bags that I’ll lug down 3 flights of stairs in the morning, LIVE!

I get a little clumsy around GlaMBert because he has the best job ever.. when does Marilyn Manson die?  #glamrock

I made cucumber sandwiches for the lady and kid that live on my hotel stoop.. she wasn’t impressed. The tomatoes were out of season .

I have this desire to have Marilyn Monroe’s hair (in my ‘male’ identity) and a mustache..

Laundromats are like a nightclub to me on tour.. but does Australia have Tide!? Asking for my filthy panties.

Don’t throw mama off the basketball court..

Deadly Friend (1986) - Basketball death scene

Deadly Friend (1986) - Basketball death scene

Getting Hollywood to pick up the phone is like me putting the bottle down...

It’s a beautiful day in Melbourne! Makes me sick!

Happy groundhog’s day !

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch is so satanic and campy, I’m not sure I didn’t write every episode drunk..

Suzi Quatro is my fruit fly ..

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