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2012-11-08 05:24:00

"The woman who sells her favours is at liberty to leave the man who purchases them at any time, 'while the respectable wife' cannot free herself from a union which is galling to her."  @Verso Books Emma Goldman's "Anarchy & the Sex Question"  #emmagoldman  #feminism

If you can afford it: to those renting property, cancel rent. Pay housecleaner, hair stylist, facialist, etc, on Venmo & tell them to stay home. Appreciate their talents as your roots grow in and your pores clog and your surfaces grow dusty. Pay them and pay them now.

Thank you, Rainer Maria. Your album "Catastrophe Keeps Us Together" is perfect running music 14 years after its release  @Polyvinyl Record Co. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yguu0NHqvvY  #quarantineplaylist  #favoritealbums  #indiemusic

"All this looking after—this unpaid caring labor—will fall more heavily on women, because of the existing structure of the workforce." Exigent take  @Helen Lewis  @The Atlantic https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2020/03/feminism-womens-rights-coronavirus-covid19...

'We Know This Script': Naomi Klein Warns of 'Coronavirus Capitalism' in New Video Detailing Battle Before Us - https://go.shr.lc/2vtTETt via  @Common Dreams

So blessed to have met ⁦ @Naomi Klein⁩ ⁦ @Washington University in St. Louis⁩ a few years ago. Watch this piece and do not lose hope.  #coronavirus  #CapitalismKills https://youtu.be/niwNTI9Nqd8

"[A]t the end of time, which is also the end of poetry/ (and wheat and evil and insects and love),/ when the entire human race gathers in the flesh,/ ...I will be standing at the edge/ of that fathomless crowd with an orange for you." ~ Mary Ruefle https://www.ronnowpoetry.com/contents/ruefle/KissoftheSun.html  #poetry

"Why in the hell should any Detroit resident have concerns about their water service being interrupted...? Shouldn’t clean water be the absolute base level of service delivered by a city to its residents?" Must-read on COVID contradictions  @Slate  @Dan Kois https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/03/coronavirus-tsa-liquid-purell-paid-leave-rules.html?fbcl...

Service workers and anyone living off the tip economy are going to suffer over the next few weeks. If you have the means and happen to be out, try to leave double your usual tip--or 50% of the bill, if you can swing it.  #covid50  #solidarity  #labor  #tipyourserver  #tipyourbartender

Thrilled to be among select few to honor artist Heather Bennett at her “Midnight Special” opening @Monaco_USA #feministart #selectivesocialdistancing

Thrilled to be among select few to honor artist Heather Bennett at her “Midnight Special” opening  @Monaco  #feministart  #selectivesocialdistancing

With current crisis it's easy to overlook how most of us have legitimate access to our loved ones, especially if they live with or near us. For over 30k men and women over the next month in Missouri, this is not the case. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MODOC/bulletins/280c794

Beautiful evening  @Quad Cinema with  @sonia braga at a screening of the iconic DONA FLOR & HER 2 HUSBANDS https://quadcinema.com/film/dona-flor-and-her-two-husbands/  #seventiesfilm  #soniabraga  #fullfrontal  #brazilianfilm

Really liked Stéphane Batut’s debut film BURNING GHOST—strange, dreamy, yet suddenly moving  @UniFrance  @Film at Lincoln Center  #frenchcinema

"In portraying people and communities who are subject to violence in systematic ways, do we do them justice, do we respect the dignity of their struggle, if we summarize them as “the vulnerable”? Judith Butler  @Verso Books https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/4583-judith-butler-on-rethinking-vulnerability-violence-resistance?...  #InternationalWomensDay  #Feminism

How I'd LOVE to do a mashup of Cynthia Nixon in "Little Darlings" with this vid https://vimeo.com/393253445?ref=fb-share&1&fbclid=IwAR0dM8BGtFP7NPDqHsFJTTmOUnWFB7eR6aTMs4P8jO2CpOWP...  #CynthiaNixon  #feminism  #campingmovies

"The lens is the enemy," says supermodel Benedetta Barzini. A delight to review THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY MOTHER, a moving doc  @Kino Lorber on the power, and problem, of the gaze  @hyperallergic https://hyperallergic.com/543306/the-disappearance-of-my-mother-benedetta-barzini/  #feminism  #glamour  #warhol  #disappearanceofmymother  #marxism

Warren looked neither mean NOR particularly angry. I should know. That’s *my* look!

Mean and angry Warren is not a good look

"It was very hard for [women]... there was no way to be free: you either became an outlaw or became pathologized." A delight to unpack the patriarchy with Brazilian filmmaker  @Karim Aïnouz for  @LA Review of Books (LARB). Check out his sumptuous drama INVISIBLE LIFE. https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/on-the-power-of-sisterhood-and-the-limits-of-nostalgia-an-interv...

Few things delight me like over-the-top arm wrestling battles, especially when costumes are involved  @SLLAW: SAINT LOUIS LADY ARM WRESTLERS  @Off Broadway

Agnès Varda personified adorably unconventional thinking — without apology or apparent self-consciousness. https://trib.al/MzDAzwA

A poem I wrote that features flying, ventriloquism, and Teddy Ruxpin... https://mattermonthly.com/altitude-sickness/  #80s

Strange exchange this afternoon #FeelTheBern #lipstickleftist

Strange exchange this afternoon  #FeelTheBern  #lipstickleftist

Why, yes, your essay is almost graded... #platinumlabor #teachertruth

Why, yes, your essay is almost graded...  #platinumlabor  #teachertruth

On the walk home, I cut through the Biomedical Engineering building and it smelled just like Spaghetti-Os. This is not at all a complaint.  #stemstarch

Pumped that  @Jennifer S. Hirsch was here at  @Washington University in St. Louis to discuss her "Sexual Citizens" study, the subject of a  @The New Yorker piece  @Jia Tolentino that I shared with first-year students in 2018, leading to conversation about sex/power that I remember two years later. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/02/12/is-there-a-smarter-way-to-think-about-sexual-assault-o...

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