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New York, NY

2009-06-11 22:09:13

Uh, what?  @GLAAD was sure to highlight the 130+ attacks on LGBTQ Americans since Trump took office.

Disney+’s  #LoveSimon spin-off series heads to Hulu.

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic, as well as other officials, condemned the burning of an effigy of a kissing same-sex couple holding a baby.

The case could have profound consequences for more than 400,000 kids in foster care nationwide.  @ACLU  @Lambda Legal

What's your favorite season of  #DragRace? Our writer finally binge-watched!

β€œAs a long time activist, I wanted to at least hear what Mayor Bloomberg wanted to say."

@Jenni Olson on gay actor-director James Sweeney’s first movie,  @Straight Up: β€œYou can’t deny its excellent performances, wry observations, and bold style.”  @Strand Releasing

A new anti-gay comment could haunt  @Mike Bloomberg campaign, this time linked to a high-ranking staffer in a state he needs to win on Super Tuesday.

 #TheMan with  @Taylor Swift would leave us all on read (and honestly, we'd let him).

Amy Klobuchar has an LGBTQ Platform. The presidential candidate dropped it sometime late January without announcement.

Get ready North America!  @Violet Chachki will bring her high-end brand of genderf**k-burlesque to major cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Cover Girl, put the "Super Bass" in your walk!

Heed these five bits of wisdom, and you, too, will see that God is a (queer) woman.

Despite 21 bills targeting trans kids in sports, most trans athletes say their presence on teams hasn't been a problem.

Chasten, I think I'm ready. But there's something that I should tell you." There's fan fiction now, y'all.

EXCLUSIVE: After weeks of silence in response to two recently unearthed videos about his remark on trans people,  @Mike Bloomberg says he understands his words were hurtful.

The  #Cheer breakout cheerleader Jerry Harris and his teammate La’Darius Marshall are catching up with us on life after Netflix.

Not only does Pence being put in charge give cause for concern, the Trump administration also disbanded two pandemic response teams and cut global funding to address infectious-disease crises.

Strict ID laws in eight states could bar transgender people at the polls.

*check notes* No choice but to stan.  @Lady Gaga  #StupidLove

New  #DragRace and the restored  #ParisIsBurning?! Grab the popcorn because we're ready to watch!

πŸ“πŸ‘€  @Jesse Tyler Ferguson & husband  @Justin Mikita are showing off their NYC crib in a new video for  @Architectural Digest.

Broadway's  #TheInheritance will close March 15th.

Doug’s having a 41st birthday party and you’re invited!  @Drew Droege chats with us about how messy gay get-togethers are gifts that keep on giving.

A woman was murdered this week in Indianapolis shortly after attempting to extort money from two closeted gay men.

When it came to Mayor Pete's remarks on β€œRevolutionary Politics of the 1960s”, Twitter let him have it.

These spots in 18th century London were home to a rich queer subculture, one that included drag queens, gay weddings, and plenty of sex.

For the first time since they announced plans to seek the nation’s highest office, former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Amy Klobuchar have explicitly spelled out some of their policy positions on LGBTQ rights.

Once again,  @giabuchi is doing the Lord’s work.

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