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New York.

2008-11-22 06:53:48

Returning to the roots, to our wholeness, forgetting and the re-membering the parts of ourselves that we have left. I’m grateful for this life, this practice, and this foundation of love.  @Jamie Surya is my happy…

Got these beautiful earrings made by The lovely and talented @moezelm ♥️✨ also, played with filter, and no filter

Been holding on to this  #tbt for a while now! 2005 at a party with @thejademovie during our time together  @Emerson College 💜 Big congrats to jade on the  @E! News  @The Soup re-launch, honestly couldn’t think of a better…

Restorative Yoga is a practice near and dear to my heart. Allowing your body to rest and digest, rest and restore is so valuable and often overlooked. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be guiding “Restorative Flow”…

 @Gina Turner Music, helping people .... my 2 favorite spiritual activities that help keep the neg energy away !!!

Me and my mom and some on brand wall art @ White Plains, New York

My mom and I caught  @Mike Cannon Special Taping 11/4 Comedy Cellar VU last night at wpcomedyclub 🔥😭 so pumped to watch his new special he just recorded on Monday (which I was also at, but no phones allowed there, go catch mike if you can in your city…

That’s incredible! It should be taken just as seriously

 @Gina Turner In the UK we now have new laws where people can be prosecuted for psychological abuse, I have witnessed this kind of abuse before and it is just as nasty as physical abuse

It’s also alarming how physical abuse and emotional/psychological abuse are not held as equally damaging. Sure, physical abuse you can see on the outside, but the psychological abuse is sometimes more painful and can linger longer causing more subconscious aftershocks

Mental Health is just as important, if not more important than Physical health and wellbeing. Our society is so obsessed with the physical part, and yet there’s still such stigma about therapy and psychology. Your Brain is your most important muscle, take care of your mind.

What is your spiritual (or not-so-spiritual) practice today? Sometimes mine is yoga, sometimes mine is loading the dishwasher, sometimes it’s in a form of a prayer or chanting. Today its holding sacred restorative…

My girls from day one! Ahhh! What a wonderful this was!  @Samantha Diliberto thank you for being the best host!!!!

Being Gamora felt so nice we had to do it twice! Shout out to  @Alexa White for your beautiful work!

Halloween was out of this world✨ we guarded the galaxy so hard last night that we kinda failed at taking a group photo! Huge shout out to  @Alexa White  #mua for making this happen, and also for being the best…

Hi my loves. I’d love to sit with you and create some space in your body and mind. ✨ Class schedule this week: Wednesday 9:30am Slow Flow  @Playful Yogi Space  #nyack Wednesday 12:00pm Yoga for All  @Jamie Surya

Just saying hello and letting everyone know how amazing my hair looks after a walk in the rain yesterday. Thanks mom for the awesome curly hair genes!

I can’t even handle this. ♥️✨ jennay0305

Stopped by for a cleaning and check up with thetoothguy ✨ what an incredible office and an amazing experience all around. 💜 @ Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Hi Loves, sorry I’ve been quiet on here. I’ve been deep in some spiritual work and spent the week fine tuning my  #nondualshaman practices and so much more. However I’m back and ready to practice with you! Big shout…

Happy birthday to the woman who gave birth to me, my mother, drevaturner 🥰 I love you so much and I’m grateful for your presence with EvaLi! Why are we posing in front of a steakhouse- you ask? This was the last…

“the illumination we are after is not the illumination of purity but the light of the union between background and foreground, between the absolute stream that everything rides on and the water and sand, currents…

I make music strictly for people who like my music.

Colorful week ahead of me. @ Truro, Massachusetts

My little drummer girl 😽

My little drummer girl 😽

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