Tony Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden about China. The media have suppressed the story, but it’s real and it matters. Voters have a right to know the details. Bobulinski sits for an extended interview Tuesday night at 8p ET on  #FoxNews

There are a lot of Trump ads doing a lot of lying about this right now. Share with everyone you can.

“Nobody making less than $400,000 a year will pay a penny more in tax under my proposal,” says Joe Biden. “That’s a guarantee, a promise.”

“Nobody making less than $400,000 a year will pay a penny more in tax under my proposal,” says Joe Biden. “That’s a guarantee, a promise.”

We must never forget that Merrick Garland was nominated *8 months* before an election and McConnell didn’t give him a single hearing. Trump is a total disgrace, but Mitch McConnell may go down as the most corrupt and duplicitous politician in modern American history.

We must continue to remind ourselves that it is not too much to ask for a better and safer Nigeria. An enabling society where the Nigerian youths can maximize their potentials, without fear or intimidation!! It is not too much!!!  #EndSARS  #EndPoliceBrutality  #EndImpunity

A reporter covering  @Joe Biden got a rare chance to ask a question and she asked what he thought about tonight’s White House event in light of Covid retractions. Who was that “reporter”?

Mañana... 27 de octubre. A diez años sin él y a uno del triunfo electoral: sentimientos y certezas.

You need to hear the reason @TeamKhabib switched from the armbar to a triangle against Justin Gaethje at #UFC254 🤯 (via @dc_mma)

You need to hear the reason  @khabib nurmagomedov switched from the armbar to a triangle against Justin Gaethje at  #UFC254 🤯 (via  @Daniel Cormier)

A vote for Trump is a vote for the coronavirus. Pass it on.

This rushed confirmation is more than just a hypocritical power grab. It’s more than an effort to deny voters a say. It's an assault on your healthcare, LGBTQ rights, a woman's right to choose, voting rights, clean water and air, and more. The new Congress must fight back.

A highly accomplished, working mother of seven young children is about to sit on the highest court in the land, the top of her profession ...And not a single Democrat is voting for her confirmation That should tell you everything you need to know about their "pro-woman" party

Instead of working to provide COVID-19 relief to struggling Americans, Mitch McConnell and Republicans chose to jam through a Supreme Court nominee—when more than 62 million people have already voted. It’s despicable and they must be held accountable.

I’ve hired people w/o degrees who have done incredible, effective, & strategic work. The more college costs soar, the more degrees become a measure privilege than competence. Our country would be better off if we made public colleges tuition-free & cancelled student loan debt.

New documents show Hunter Biden suggested setting up a shell company to bid on contracts with the U.S. government doing business with a Chinese firm. At the same time, he avoided registering as a foreign agent.

Please don't let the fact that the newest Supreme Court Justice will be sworn in tonight in a shameful makeshift midnight ceremony make you feel like a giant obscene scam has just been pulled on the American people that will pervert our elections and democracy for decades to come

SHOCKINGLY telling a state that you will ruin their economy for generations is backfiring... ❌ Biden 10 points BEHIND where Hillary was in 2016 in PA ✅ President  @Donald J. Trump UP 9 points over where he was in 2016 in PA

Some concerns for Biden in PA polling, including in Philly, where he’s running 10 points behind Hillary Clinton’s support in 2016 and Trump is ~9 points ahead of where he was four years ago. Via ⁦ @giovanni russonello

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